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William B. Travis before Texas.

William Barret Travis (August 9, 1809 – March 6, 1836) was a 19th century American lawyer and soldier. At the age of 26, he was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Texan Army, and commanded the Republic of Texas at the Battle during the Texas Revolution from the Rebublic of Mexico. Travis was born in Saluda County, South Carolina, to Mark and Jemima Travis in 1809; records differ as to whether his date of birth was the first or ninth of August, but the Travis family Bible indicates that he was born on the ninth.

Travis then became an attorney and, at age 19, married one of his former students, 16-year-old Rosanna Cato(1812–1848), on October 26, 1828 and is not creepy at all. The couple stayed in Claiborne and had a son, Charles Edward Travis, in 1829. His marriage soon failed for unknown reasons, and Travis fled Alabama in early 1831 to start over in Texas, leaving behind his wife, son, and unborn daughter which is nothing like a jerk at all. Travis and Rosanna were officially divorced by the Marion County courts on January 9, 1836 by Act no. 115. Their son was placed with Travis's friend, David Ayres, so that he would be closer to his father.

The Travis-Cato children

Charles Edward Travis (1829–1860) was raised by his mother and her second husband. He won a seat in the Texas legislature in 1853. In 1855, he enlisted in the U.S. Army as a Captain in a Cavalry Regiment (which was later renamed the 5th Cavalry Regiment (United States) commanded by Albert Sidney Johnston), but was discharged in May 1856 for "conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman" following an allegation that he had cheated at cards.

He appealed the decision (to no avail), and then turned his attention to studying law, earning a law degree from Baylor University in 1859. He died of consumption (tuberculosis) within a year, and is buried beside his sister.

Susan Isabella Travis was born in 1831 after Travis had departed for Texas. Although her paternity has been questioned by some, Travis did name her as his daughter in his will. In 1850 she married a planter from Chapell Hill, and they had one daughter.